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James and the Giant Peach Investigation


For Roald Dahl Day, we looked at James and the Giant Peach and did an investigation into how we could stop it rolling using friction.

We tried rolling a peach over several different surfaces, first predicting which we thought would slow the peach the most.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Preservation Experimentation


In their adventure, the children watched clips from a programme where explorers dived down and found ancient Mayan pots preserved in caves. They wondered how these were still intact thousands of years later. They completed a science investigation to find out why.


The children set up an experiment using water, salt and apples. They thought that there may have been salt in the water or air to preserve the pots. One slice of apple was placed in the bowl, one was placed in water and another in salt water.


After a few days they saw that, matching their predictions, the apple in the salt water had been preserved the best. They wrote up their findings.

Picture 1 The apple when the experiment began...
Picture 2 The apple one week later...
Picture 1
Picture 2