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Billionaire Boy

For our Spring 1 Adventure, this will all be about the story Billionaire Boy by David Walliams. Throughout the Adventure, we will be reading the whole text and completing some different pieces of writing as well as some more creative activities related to the story. You can find these below…

To start our Adventure, we met the main characters from the text who are Joe Spud and Mr Spud (Joe's Dad). 

For our Writing, Miss Hill came into class with a letter that has been delivered to school by Leeds City Council. It says on the letter that there is possibility of us getting a new playground. In order to do this, we have written a letter to Joe Spud’s Dad, persuading him to send us some money to help fund this.

As part of our Music in this Adventure, we looked at Hip Hop. We even had a go at creating our own Hip Hop song and performed this to the class.

As part of our Editing, we looked at some character descriptions of Joe Spud. We then decided which one was the ‘Star Piece’ based on the skills used in it. We all got it correct as we are very confident at reading for those stars!!


For this piece of Writing, we wrote a Setting Description of Bumfresh Towers. We explored the house first and thought of lots of adjectives to describe it, which really helped us with our Writing.

In RE this half term, we have been looking at Hinduism. We looked at some of the different objects you would expect to find in a Mandir. Here, we are matching the objects to the names and explanations of what they are for.

For our parental involvement, we set up our classroom as Joe Spud’s own classroom from Billionaire Boy. Here, parents could take part in a variety of different activities. These included an electricity task, a money counting task, making a Billionaire Boy rocket and designing Bumfresh Towers.