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Week 3 Activities

I know that it is the Easter holidays now and I hope you make the most of your time off by doing lots of fun and creative things inside but I will still post activities on her for you to complete if you feel like doing them!

DAY 1 - RE

It is Easter weekend at the end of the week, we looked at the story in school but I was wondering if you could remember it? Can you either react the story or you could draw pictures to say what happened.


DAY 2 - Art

Keeping on the Easter theme, can you design your own Easter egg? What flavour would it be? Would it give you magical powers when you ate it? Would it be a yummy egg or would it be a horrid one designed for a beast? 


DAY 3 - Writing

I think that it's time for a film! What's your favourite film / tv programme? Can you write what you like about it to try and convince me to watch it? Could you draw a picture of what happens? 


DAY 4 - Science 

In class we have been looking at the weather and the different seasons. Why don't you make your own weather report and pretend to be a weatherman? Is it sunny, or rainy? What season are we in?