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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Celebration Assembly - 15th Jan

Bug Club Champion

This award goes to the child who has spent the most time reading on Bug Club this week and has scored fantastic on the quizzes too!

Good Work

This award goes to one person who has consistently submitted excellent work across all subjects this week!


Secretly, your parents have been sending me shoutouts all week of things you guys are doing above and beyond home learning which they're really proud of! Listen out on the live assembly to see if your parents have sent you a shoutout! 

Mr Frankland's Star of the Week

This award goes to a child in school who Mr Frankland has chosen who has tried really hard and worked brilliantly in school.

Home Learning Lockdown Legend

This award goes to a child at home who has been trying really hard this week and is chosen by Mr Cooper.