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Phonics Rave!

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RWI Set 2 Sounds



I will be delivering a live phonics lesson at 10.30 for all children to attend. Please have a pen and paper ready for the spelling part of the session.


Please also complete daily spellings, handwriting and any extra phonics games from the phonics game tab on cherry remote learning page.


This week's spellings:








Please practice spellings at home for a short time each day.


For Maths today, I would like the children to complete review 13. This is an opportunity to recap everything we have done and consolidate the skills learnt during this unit.

Question 1 asks the children to circle groups and count how many groups there is - these groups being equal to one another. 

Question 2 asks the children to share items into groups equally.

Question 3 asks the children to complete the sentence - this requires them to group the items into a variety of sized groups. It may be useful to do this with physical items or small pieces of paper/counters as it may be tricky to count with multiple pencil lines.


I will be delivering a handwriting and spellings lesson at 1pm. Please make sure your child has practiced their spellings and has a pen and paper or whiteboard for the lesson.

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When Christopher Columbus arrived back in Spain on March 15, 1493, he immediately wrote a letter announcing his discoveries to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, who had helped finance his trip. Columbus brought back gold, spices and silks from the far East.

Today, I would like you to look at where Spain is on the map, and how Columbus travelled to America - what ocean did he sail over? Can you find out what Spain is like? (Weather? Language?)


e.g. Christopher Columbus travelled from Spain in Europe to America is North America. He sailed over the Atlantic ocean on a ship. Spain is ____

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