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Tremendous Tudors

Welcome back Rowan class, we hope you've had a fantastic Christmas holiday and Happy New Year!

So its 2019 but we're travelling way back in time for our adventure this half term to look at the Tudors. We received an email from Temple Newsam asking us to solve a mystery they had discovered over the Christmas break.  They had found an incomplete family tree and heard that the children of Rowan class were extremely talented at solving problems and not shy of hard work. We started to look back at the Tudor times, which was over 500 years ago, to see if we could find any information or clues to help us fill in the family tree.

The children did a Burn2Learn against each other to put a timeline of events in order that happened between 1485 and 1603! We then looked through the different events to give us an idea of what happened through the Tudor period. 
To keep the children active and burn off those selection boxes we did another Burn2Learn for our guided reading lessons. The children learnt that William Shakespeare was around in the Tudor times so we looked at the book Macbeth for our story this week. After reading the first few pages the children had a pack of sentences that they had to put in ascending order. 
After looking at the story of Macbeth some more, the children then summarised the different events to help them understand the text in more detail. 

We also learnt about Tudor fashion and how they took pride in what they owned. The children made some of their own Tudor purses out of felt and embroidery thread. They looked fabulous!

We have also looked at the different foods they ate in Tudor times. This included a mixture of rich and poor food, including pastries and vegetable broth.  

We also looked at what Tudors did for their entertainment. The children researched about the rules of Jousting and we played our own version of the game. They did this using bikes, where they had to compete against each other to collect sets of hoops.

After learning about the lifestyle of the Tudors, the children learnt about the different Kings, Queens and other Royal Tudors. They did a variety of Burn2learns to find out this information and completed sets of anagrams to work out the names of the different royals. 
To celebrate the end of our Adventure, we made some delicious Tudor Food, which we shared with parents the following day. As the Tudors loved pastry, we went for Jam and Lemon Curd Tarts, which tasted delicious. 

On the final day of the Adventure, the parents came into school to look at all the fascinating work the children had taken part in over the Adventure. They explored the Tudor classroom, did some jam tart tasting and watched more jousting, where we even had some parents competing!