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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Are you Incredible?

In our first week back we found out we all had super powers, but we don't know what they are yet. So we ask the Incredible family to help us. Mr Incredible takes us on his mission and shows us how to be 'Super Strong'.

Mr Incredible told us how important itis to do excercises if we want to be 'Super Strong'. So we went outside to do excercises just like Me Incredible.

The following week we met Elastagirl. She showed up how to be flexible and stretchy. She even took us on her mission to stop a speeding train!

Elastagirl showed us how to do Super Yoga. We did Super Star pose, Super Strong pose and Super Fly pose.

In a Burn 2 Learn we helped Elastagirl to retell her heroic story of stopping the train and saving all the passengers. We also added the missing capital letters and full stops.

Next we met Violet. She showed us how to use our invisibility power to search the field without being caught by the baddies. Her mission was to find the magical flower hiddden in the trees. She also helped us to identify lots of trees and plants that we found.

We went on the mission with Violet to find the magical flower. We spotted and identified lots of different trees and their parts.

We found the magical flower and took it back to class to identify all the different parts. We then used this information to label diagrams of flowers and trees.

Dash is super fast, but we found out that he upsets lots of other superheroes by being a bad sports person. We helped Dash by teaching how to win and lose gracefully.

We ran races to show Dash how to be a good winner and a good loser. We cheered each other on, congratulated the winner and celebrated our wins together.

Keith Haring is a Pop artist, painting well known comic art.

And we loved taking inspiration from him to create our own art.

We took futher inspiration from Keith Haring and drew our own life size cartoons by drawing round each other whilst doing our best superhero pose.

Finally we met Frozone, he showed us how to use 'Ice Power' and how our super powers are within us.

We wrote some fantastic instructions on how to use the freezing power.

To be more like superheroes we need to have a cape. So we cut out our own super emblem and then sewed it on to some fabric to make our own capes.

We are Incredible!