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Princess Protection Programme


Welcome to our new adventure, The Princess Protection Programme! We have been approached by the King and Queen to help them protect their daughter, the princess, from the terrifying dragon. We decide to send the princess to India whilst we stay in Leeds and battle the missing dragon. Will we be able to defeat the dragon and bring the princess back home to her castle?

Have a listen to our class song!

Mandy Moore - When Will My Life Begin? (From "Tangled"/Sing-Along)

Today we were introduced to our new adventure! We immersed ourselves in the princess' kingdom and had a go at describing the setting from the story. The children used some wonderful adjectives in their work. 

Today the princess was attacked by a dragon on a rampage through Leeds! We threw flames at the castle to re-enact the event. We wrote a newspaper recounting what ocurred. 

To keep the princess safe, we have decided to send her to the capital of India, Delhi! We learnt where Delhi was and located the city on a world map. We then created a poster advertising a holiday to Delhi. 

Have a look at our wonderful newspapers below! 

In Science, we learnt about the different types of weather throughout the year. We identified how we should dress and what we must be aware of. 

In History, we learnt about the life and reign of Queen Victoria. We discussed the responsibilities of a King and Queen, then freeze-framed our own scene from a classic Victorian painting.

What a lovely day! We decided to enjoy the weather and have our phonics lesson outside. 

The dragon has been sighted on the school cctv! He has been flying through the skies of Leeds and visiting lots of different landmarks.


Still image for this video

Have a look at our super artwork below! We created a collage of the Leeds skyline with a shadow of the escaped dragon over the top.

In History, we learnt about the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth 1st. We wrote our own questions and asked Queen Elizabeth in a hot-seat activity. 

In Science, we created our own gauges so we can measure the rainfall over the next week. We wrote down predictions and justified them using our knowledge of seasons and weather. 

Today we learnt about ramadan and the celebration of Eid Mubarak. We created out own celebration lanterns and enjoyed some islamic music. 

This week we have been continuing our learning about Delhi in India. We cooked our very own chicken curry then evaluated it. We thought about how it tasted, smelt, looked, the texture and the cooking process.

Today we created an Indian Spice Market in our classroom. We then wrote a brilliant setting description thinking about the noise, the smells, what we could see and how we felt.