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The Crime of the Century

The Crime of the Century!

When the children came into class they found a mysterious object on Miss Martin's desk. A golden flower! We wondered where this could have come from, it looked very precious. The children passed it around the class and discussed what it could be used for.

The following day, the children came into class to find a crime scene! The tables were knocked over, there was police tape around the area and 5 pieces of evidence marked out. We found a:-

  • Battery pack
  • Paint Roller
  • Kippah
  • Part of an album cover
  • Bracelet with Vivienne Westwood engraved on the back


Miss Martin explained to the children that the golden flower was missing and that they would have the opportunity to interview an eye witness (Mrs. Rowley) who was cleaning in the classroom at the time of the incident!

The children had to take on the role of detective and interview Mrs. Rowley. They worked as a group to think of questions they could ask that might give them more information for our investigation. Mrs. Rowley said she was cleaning in the classroom at 5p.m  when she heard voices outside the fire door and dark shadows through the window. The people then started to try and break in through the fire door so Mrs. Rowley ran into the stock cupboard to hide. Frightened and shaking Mrs. Rowley peeped through the crack in the door. Dark shadows were moving about the room but she was unable to make out their faces! She did say though that 4 of them were around 1.8m tall and the other a bit shorter around 1.5m. All of  sudden there was a deafening crash, the lights came on and the dark shadows disappeared. Mrs. Rowley came out from the cupboard shaking with fear to find the mess that was left behind; tables overturned, chairs knocked over and strange objects she hadn't seen before on the floor. She called the police immediately and the DCI taped up and marked out the crime scene whilst she gave her statement.

The children had to write up an eye witness report from their interview with Mrs. Rowley. They tried to use quotes from the interview and good descriptive language.


The next task was to switch roles and become reporters. The children had to write a newspaper article describing the events to appeal for any further witnesses or information to help with the investigation. Lots of calls came in and they managed to narrow it down to 5 suspects!

Our Interactive Workshop!

At the end of our adventure, we invited the parents into class to our interactive museum. We had several stations around the classroom with all the different activities the children had been doing over the half term. This included electrical circuits, isle of tune on the laptops, a gift shop to purchase our cards and purses and workstations where the parents could try the sewing and printing.


Thank you so much to everyone that came to our interactive museum, we hope you had as much fun as we did!