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Friday 9th July


Now that you know how to translate shapes to a different position, you are now going to focus on how to do this in relation to coordinates. The vertices of the shapes will be moving to a different coordinate and you need to explain how they have translated. For example; P has translated to (4,2) by moving down 2 units. The live lesson will make this clearer and then you will independently carry out the guided practice and workbook.

Guided reading:

During the live lesson, we will discuss what is meant by a billion pounds and how much money this really is. We will then talk about what we 'could' do with that kind of money. I will write these down as a mindmap and upload it after the live lesson to remind you. You will then write 5 things that you 'would' do with that money. Think about what we have discussed along with what Joe and his dad spend it on.


Handwriting- follow the instructions on the video below.

Today you will be working on tense. I want you to think about the different tenses- past, present and future and how words change depending on the tense they are written in. We will carry out the quiz during the live lesson and then you will go through the changing tense worksheets, there is one for each tense. 


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