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Virtual Dino Dig 

As part of our adventure activities this week we are exploring fossils. The amazing Natural History Museum has a great many resources to support this including lots of videos you can dip into or out of just to explore what a fossil looks like and what it is like to be on a dig. 

Please take your time to explore the link below and have a look at a real live dinosaur dig.

Fossils are the bones of dinosaurs that have been preserved or saved in the earth's rock and sand over time. 

After can you have a go at following the recipe for salt dough and making your very own fossils.


Literacy - matching rhyming words and creating a rhyming string

Yesterday we explored the poem about finding a little dinosaur. Today we are going to focus on creating a rhyming string. A rhyming string is several words that have the same ending sounds but a different onset. The easiest way to start to explore this is by drawing pictures of objects that rhyme in the first instance. There are some resources below but I know not everyone will have a printer therefore some examples inclue 'cat, bat, hat, mat - pen, hen, den - sock, frock, block', etc.. See if your child can say the object names and match the ones that sound the same. You can then try using the resources below to write a list or a string or rhyming words. please have fun with this activity, you can also use the egg rhyming and matching activity as a fun game to play. 


Can you learn and do the actions to the song below? Have fun!

Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Dinosaur Stomp (Dance-A-Long)


This week we are exploring the part whole model. Watch the video below and see if you can complete the worksheets or draw the model questions with your parents.

part whole to 5.mp4

Still image for this video

Phonics - 'c-c-caterpillar'

Today we are exploring the 'c' sound. 'curl around the caterpillar'. Can you practise your 'c' and learn about it's capital letter name 'C'. 

Have a go at writing the following words.





Still image for this video

Red Words 

Story Time

The dino that pooped a pirate.mp4

Still image for this video