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Art Gallery

Art at Westwood


Every half term, two children are chosen from Willow to represent the class in the art gallery. Their amazing pieces of work will be displayed in the art gallery for you to visit on the bridge at school.


Autumn 1


Roisin and Chloe W were the first children from Willow to have their art work displayed in the art gallery. Roisin drew a fantastic Mayan temple in the style of Frederick Catherwood, who travelled to Central America to produce his detailed drawings. Chloe W drew a detailed still life of some Mayan food in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.

Autumn 2


This term, it was Darcy and Jayda who won the opportunity to have their work displayed in the art gallery. Their pictures, which were done in the style of Lowry, show images of London before and after the Blitz.

Spring 1


This half term, our budding artists chosen for Art Gallery were Bailey and Lilli. The children used armature (creating a wire frame underneath the clay) in the creation of their sculptures which were modeled on the statue of Minin and Pozarsky in front of St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.