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The Great Fairytale Disaster

Today Ash Class came through to tell us that a mysterious box had been delivered to school by the post man! 


What was inside? Where had it come from?


Logan and Oakley opened it up..

Inside there was:

a book

a map

2 big magnifying glasses

40 small magnifying glasses 

and a red dress

But who could the dress belong too?


Here are a couple of our ideas.

We really enjoyed reading the You Choose book!


This got use thinking about what type of character we would choose to be in a story. Have a look at who we would like to be below.

Today we were transported to the 3 bears house. We watched Goldilocks arrive! She ate all of Baby Bears porridge, broke Baby Bears chair and then fell asleep in his bed! As she was asleep, Little Red Riding Hood appeared and woke her up. As she woke, she ran away and Little Red Riding Hood searched the house for clues.

The next day, Goldilocks left us a note with a recipe on and some oats! She wanted us to make and try the perfect porridge.

Once we had the porridge in front of us we talked about what it smelt and looked like.

Some of us liked the porridge and some of us didn't!

Have a look at our writing about it below. 

Today we arrived at school to find lots of different footprints throughout the Reception classrooms! We used our magnifying glasses to investigate them. They were all difference shapes and sizes.


There were also lots of crumbs scattered around too...

We had lots of ideas of who and what it could have been.

After lots of thinking, we decided that the crumbs were from the gingerbread man and the footprints were from the animals chasing him!


Look at the fabulous writing we have done to show which animals chased him.

We have since been trying to think of how the Gingerbread Man would be able to keep running away and then cross the river without the fox. We first thought maybe he could swim across so we put a Gingerbread biscuit in some water to see what would happen to him. Unfortunately, when the biscuit got wet, it all crumbled and fell apart.


We then had a think of other ways he could cross the river...

We then explored a few different materials to see if they would sink or float to see what the best material to use for making a boat would be!

This morning we had another mystery to investigate on the field. We became detectives once again and explored the hay, wood and bricks. Who had left this on the field?

After this discovery, we read the story The 3 Little Pigs. We really enjoyed this story and had a go at retelling it in provision with story masks and puppets. 

We then came up with an idea of trying to catch the Big Bad Wolf before he could destroy the little pigs houses. For this, we decided to create our own WANTED posters! Have a look at our super writing below.

This morning, Mr Cockcroft came to ask for our help! He was so busy in school today that he didn't have time to try and move a mysterious package outside in the mud area. He didn't know where it had come from of who it was for. 


We went outside to have a look but it was SO heavy! After a few children had had a go at trying to lift it we had a think of how we could move it.

We all lifted and pulled it together...HOORAY! We managed to move it!


Later on, we read The Enormous Turnip. They used teamwork to try and pull it out just like we did. Look below for our writing about who pulled the turnip. 

Some of us then wanted to explore root vegetables further and investigated the vegetables in the water tray by grating, squashing and peeling. It created some wonderful soups!

On Monday morning we were super excited to go on a trip to the park! When we arrived, we wandered through the woods and found a map. We followed it and came across a bridge. We sat down for a rest and listened to the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We then took turns at being the goats crossing the bridge BUT as we trampled across, there was a voice coming from below! Was it a troll?

After arriving back at school, some of us wanted to have a go at building our own bridges for the goats to use to cross the river.

The character that we found the most interesting was the troll. We looked at different fairy-tale pictures of trolls and discussed their appearance and what we thought their characteristics would be like with our talk partners.


We then recorded our ideas by writing and drawing a picture of the troll.

Our detective days are complete!


It is now time for us to create our own stories. We know that stories must have a beginning, middle and end. We have worked with our friends to come up with characters, a setting, what will happen and how it will end. Take a look below.