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Theme Days

Number day!


Throughout the day the children took part in a range of activities relating to maths! from team competitions to individual challenges it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves.


We also had a visit from a maths wizard who did a workshop with our class! 



Mullberry, Oak and Elder class were taking part in various carousel activities throughout the day. In Elder class we were looking at the 'Iron Man' story.


After reading the first passage of the story where the author is extremely descriptive we created a mental picture of what the Iron man looked like. Then, we read the passage for a second time and recorded any key words or phrases the author used to describe him.


After this, the classes were split up into groups of three. Everyone was assigned either the legs, the body or the head of the Iron man and using their imagination and the passage we read each group had to draw the Iron man.


The only problem was that the Iron man falls down the cliff in the story and all the parts are scattered on the beach. So after they had created their Iron man, they pieced him back together and displayed him around Elder classroom. Finally, we had an art gallery where everyone could chose their favourite Iron man.