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Tuesday 2nd Feb

Snow day!

Well, we have woke up this morning to a beautiful, white sheet of snow on the ground so we thought it would be a good idea to combine Mental Health Awareness week and the fact that we have snow together to have a fantastic morning.

There has been a change of plan!

9:15- this live lesson will still go ahead but will be to let the children know what sort of activities they can be doing in the snow.

10:30- cancelled.

1:00- still going ahead as a normal writing lesson.


I have come up with some fun activities that link to some of our curriculum for the children to do in the snow.

Activity 1- recreate Mr and Mrs Twit as snowmen. This links to our guided reading at the minute so we can visualise the couple and make them into snowmen.

Activity 2- find some clean snow on a medium height, flat surface and push your face into the snow (you could do this on a car bonnet but make sure it is your own car). You can make any face you want and when you pull away, it will be printed in the fresh snow.

Activity 3- fill a cup with snow and measure it. Once it has melted, measure it again and see the difference. What has happened?

Activity 4- just before you go inside, do a snow angel and then time how long it takes for your coat to dry. Think about the material and if your family members have different coats, see if that makes a difference to the time taken. The last 2 activities link to Science enquiry so see if you can carry out these experiments.

I hope you all have snow much fun! 

Don't forget to send the pictures to

It looks like you've had SNOW much fun!


Today we are going to do another lesson about the suffix -ly. We will be looking at adverbs where the root word ends in 'y' and has more than one syllable and how this effects the suffix at the end. There are then multiple activities attached underneath for you to carry out after the live lesson; look, cover, write, check, a word search and an odd one out sheet. If you don't have a printer, just do that activities that don't require one, where you can rewrite it out on paper. 

As it is Mental Health Awareness week, I would like you to look under the mental health tab and choose an activity to carry out. This will really help you stay positive throughout lockdown as we know and understand that this is important. There is also a video attached underneath that you may watch that tells you more about Mental Health.