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I will be delivering a live phonics lesson at 10.30 for all children to attend. Please have a pen and paper ready for the spelling part of the session.


Please also complete the extra phonics lesson below - in class we usually do 2 lessons of phonics a day so it would be great if an extra could be done at home.




Phonics set 2 - or sound


I would like you to describe the Island we have come across on our journey through the Atlantic.

The Island has lots of different places; The whomping woods, Lost Lagoon, Mystical Maze, Twisted Tunnels and Cryptic Cave. Below is pictures of each area, I would like you to identify the nouns (things you can see e.g. a tree, rocks, the sky) and describe each noun using adjectives (it would be great if you could create a bank of words for each noun). 


For example: 

Whomping Woods - The Whomping Wood looks dangerous and dark. There is a huge tree with a thick, twisted trunk. The branches are long and tangled, swaying in the breeze. The sky looks stormy and gloomy.


Make sure you use capital letters, full stops, adjectives and the connective 'and' in your writing. Please email me your work when you are done.


We are learning how to break a 2 digit number down into tens and ones.

How many tens are in the number? How many ones are in the number? the number 32 there is 3 tens (3 lots of ten) and 2 ones (2 lots of 1). These can be represented using 'dienes' as shown in the live input. This will help the children complete the work this week as it is important they understand that 10 can be found within a 2-digit number.

In the activity below, the children are counting the tens and the ones. 

Place Value with dienes

Good morning! Today we are looking at place value and how to represent numbers using dienes. For this activity I would like you to draw the dienes (as I know...

Geography - Pirate Adventure

Below is a picture of a pirate ship with lots of different things aboard. We have recently been learning about compass directions - North, South, East and West - and I would like you to look at the picture and find out who/what is where on the ship. 

Can you locate each point and find the direction it is facing.

  • Scrub the deck

  • Lookout of the crow's nest

  • Wait! There's a shark!

  • Where has the parrot flown off to?

Cardinal Directions Song

cardinaldirections #geographysong #songsforteachersTeach North, South, East, and West with this Fun Song!LYRICS:North, south, east, or west,Which direction ...