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Spring 1 - Dinosaur Discovery

Our Spring 1 Adventure is...

This half term we have a whole load of dinosaur fun to be had. We will be looking at life cycles, babies and mummy animals and how to look after an egg. We will also continue our map skills and perfect our art and DT skills when we have to create our own moving dinosaur. Watch this space to see what we get up too. 


Winter Week

This week we are learning about seasonal changes during winter. We will be paying close attention to the weather and other changes to nature. To start the week we will look at changes to water in cold places. We chose 3 places which we thought were cold enough to change the water. We choose the freezer, fridge and outside. 

Scientific experiment

Writing our predictions

Picnic in class

The children were very excited to have a special picnic for lunch in the classroom.


Mr Cockroft came to tell us that he’d seen something on the field and that we needed to go and investigate. When we walked to the field, we couldn’t believe our eyes! There were some eggs, but not just normal eggs… what were they?

We decided to make a prediction about what animal the eggs could be from. Some children thought they could be unicorn eggs, while others thought they could be dinosaur eggs!

Week 2 - Mother dinosaur comes to visit!

We found dinosaur footprints around the classroom and we think they could be from the mother dinosaur who has come back for her eggs. We carefully made a nest for the eggs and wrote messages to tell the Mummy dinosaur we have her eggs.

Week 3 - The Magic Paintbrush

This week we were very surprised to find an envelope with a magic paintbrush, letter and story book inside. We were told that the paintbrush was magic and the magic works at night time. We read a story about all the magical paintbrush can do. Everything it paints comes to life. We had a go at painting some sketches of dinosaurs. I wonder what will happen over night...

The dinosaur came to life!

Still image for this video
The magic paintbrushes magic worked and in the middle of the night the dinosaur we had painted came to life in our classroom!

Our visitors from Hong Kong

After reading a story set in China we wanted to find out more about China and what it is like for a Chinese person celebrating Chinese New Year. We had special guests come and visit us who had just recently moved from China to England and could tell us lots of information about Chinese New Year and how they celebrate their culture and traditions. 

Our Chinese Kitchen

Our Chinese Dragon

We had great fun listening to Chinese music and moving like a Chinese Dragon using our costumes.


This week the children made a moving dinosaur. We experimented with different resources first before deciding that split pins were the best to make their model move. They loved being creative with their dinosaurs, look at how different each one looks!

Exploring different ways for attaching paper.

Parental Involvement- Stay and Play