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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!

Miss Jones and Miss Crawshaw welcome you to our class page where you will be able to keep up to date with our new adventure and find out any key dates and information.


We arrived in Fairy-tale Land to find all the stories had gone wrong!  We found out that the wizard could help make them all better, so off we went to find him. 

First we met Little Red Riding Hood.  The wolf had not followed her to Grandmas house, he had disappeared.  So we investigated different types of animals and habitats so we could find him.


Here are some of the posters we made about different habitats and animals.

We created collages of the forest we were walking through in Fairy-tale Land.

We also got into the characters of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf in P.E.  We travelled the field like the characters to warm up our bodies.

As we needed to find the Wizard's castle we found out about castles, their history, the different parts and who lived in them. 

We also created art work in the style of Paul Klee, who painted 'Castles in the Sun'

Paul Klee's Castle in the Sun.

Our fantastic versions.

As we were researching castles and finding out all the different parts and what they were for, we designed and then built our own castles, with working drawbridges, battlements and turrets. 
As we journeyed through Fairy-tale Land we met the Three Little Pigs.  The wolf in their story had blown the brick house down, which he was not meant to do!  To check that the pigs had built the brick house correctly we wrote instructions on how to build a wall.  After that we put our wall building skills to the test, but we used icing and chocolate to build them.  This made it more difficult, but a lot more tasty!

Building a brick wall

We made it to the wizard's castle.  He needed help in measuring out the ingredients for the potions so we helped.

Making the potion for the wizard

Spring 2

A Giant World

This half term we are looking at a range of topics all based around our adventure called ‘A Giant World’. Our adventure begins with our class shrinking to the size of insects on the school playing fields.



We meet a ladybird called Liz.  She tells us that to grow big again we need to make a potion.  She also lets us know that the first ingredient is a petal. 

As we went on the hunt for a petal, we investigated plants and how they grow.  First we planted our own cress seeds and watched them grow over the half term.  We also looked at all the different parts of the flowers by dissecting a daffodil.  Following this we discussed all the different ways plants pollinate, such as using insects and the wind.

Disecting a flower

We also looked at the art work of Leonardo Da Vinci.  He had a very realistic way of sketching, drawing exactly what he saw.  We decided to take inspiration from this and create our own art work of the daffodils. 

Sketching daffodils

With mothers day fast approaching we made daffodils to give to our mums and created them some beautiful cards to say thank you for all their hard work.  This also happens to be world book day can you guess which characters we are?
We got the petal for our potion, and we next needed to find the feather of a chick.  We met Chesney the Chick - he said if we help to look after some of his friends then we could have one of his feathers.  So the Eggs came to Westwood Primary, and on a very snowy day (so snowy the school was closed!) the eggs hatched and the baby chicks were here.  We researched how to look after and care for the chicks.  We also found out about the life cycle of chickens. 

The next ingredient was a strawberry, we met Colin the caterpillar (who accidently started to eat the strawberry - oups!)  We found out about Colin by doing our own research on the internet and creating our own power point presentations.



We also baked strawberry cheesecake with the strawberries from Colin.  The were delicious, we sold them to the mums and dads that came to visit, they must have been good as we sold out!



Finally we needed some wool from a sheep so we went on a trip to Canon Hall Farm.  We got the wool, but also found lots of other things out, such as where milk comes from.  We fed the animals, petted some of them too.  We also got to play outside in lots of climbing frames and tunnels.  A great day was had by all.
Thankfully we got all the ingredients for our potion.  We made it but after we drank it, instead of growing to normal size we turned into giants.  We climb a bean stalk and who knows what will happen next?  Think we are off on another adventure!



Spring 1

Space Rescue

Welcome to our new adventure - 'Space Rescue'. This half term the children have embarked on an adventure through space! We went to visit alien planets in faraway galaxies to help rescue famous historical people such as Neil Armstrong, Florence Nightingale and Samuel Pepys.


Treasure Hunt - We used map skills to design and then follow treasure hunts, to help the aliens navigate around the school.

Design technology - We designed and made lots of different things, from rockets to obstacle courses.

Florence Nightingale - We looked at the life of Florence Nightingale, performing how the hospitals were when she was a nurse and then learning some first aid.

Planet Grub - we looked at what made a healthy diet, and then cooked our own healthy pancakes, yummie!

The fire brigade came to visit.

Autumn 2




Autumn 1





We had a fantastic first half term following Seb the spider on his worldwide adventure. We visited the 7 continents and 5 oceans, meeting lots of different animals on the way.

Look at some of the fantastic work we have created.




The animals came to visit.

We met lots of different animals from around the world and were able to hold and stroke them. All the children were very brave!




We had great fun at our party to welcome Seb home

Playing games from different continents of the world, cooking a curry from Asia, and painting inspired from Oceania.