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Today in Maths, we're going to be working with money again. 


In today's lesson, we're going to be adding money


When we're adding money, we follow three very simple steps. 


Step 1: Add the pounds (Using column method).


Step 2: Add the pence (Using column method).


Step 3: Add these two amounts together. 


Use these three steps to complete the questions in the workbook. 



Last week in the classroom, we discussed how the story stopped talking about Murph and his new school and how it introduced us to Nektar. 


Today, we're going to read the start of chapter 12, where it does the exact same. 


Today's task: You're going to summarise this chapter.


Summarisation is a very important skill in Guided Reading and it means we have to pick out the important parts, we have to decide what doesn't really effect the story and what's a key moment or detail. 


Read the rest of the chapter and summarise the story using the sheet attached below. 



In today's writing lesson, you're going to edit a short passage on the European Final. 


Your task:

You need to edit missing capital letters and spellings. 

Use the thesaurus to find synonyms (Words that mean the same) for the underlined words.