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Autumn 2

In year 6, the children wrote their own river based story after imagineering they were a fish caught it pollution!

In year 5, the children wrote a description of a river and then a river based story.

In year 3, the children wrote a character description of Lila from the text, 'The Firework Makers Daughter'

The children in year 2 wrote a description of an egg they had found to see if anyone could identify it!

The children in years 1 and 2 wrote a character description of the zoo keeper.

In year 1, the children wrote a range of descriptions based on their animal adventure. They even wrote their own 'Guess Who' poem!

Autumn 1

In KS1 the children wrote both setting and character descriptions, trying to use lots of adjectives!

In Cherry class, the children wrote a character description of Henry the helicopter.

They also wrote an alternative ending to the text, 'The Magical Train Ride'.