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Today in Maths, we're going to be using column method to subtract. We've done lots of this and we make sure we follow the steps each time. 


1: Place the bigger number on the top. 

2: subtract from the ones column, do you need to borrow?

3: Check your answer. 


Today's task: Complete both workbook pages using the method shown above and on the images below. 


In today's Guided Reading lesson, we're going to read the next chapter of the story (The Posse). 


Afterwards, we're going to focus on the author's choice of vocabulary and language and it how it make it easier for us as readers to visualise what's going on. 


It's so important we use visualisation when reading because it means we're creating a mental picture of what is happening and therefore, understanding the text better!


Today's task: You're going to read a short passage from the chapter and answer the questions that follow. Read the passage three times before even looking at the questions and pick out parts that help you create that mental picture, this will help you answer the questions better. 


In today's writing lesson, we're going to read a recount and pick out the key features. Afterwards, we're going to think about what our recount is going to look like. 


We will be writing a recount of the yeti demonstration outside Buckingham palace. 


Today's task:

Firstly watch the videos below and listen to the chapter (The Yeti Demonstration). Afterwards, summarise the chapter into five key points, the first one has already been done for you. This will be a plan for your writing and will help with your structure!


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