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A Whole New World Adventure

A Whole New World

Our next adventure is called 'A Whole New World' and is based on looking at a variety of different countries around the world. The start of our adventure began with a hot-air balloon landing at our school! We all went outside to see this and discussed where it might have come from and who might have been riding it. Afterwards, we wrote a newspaper report on the event. 

This lead us onto making our own Hot Air Balloon to take us around the world! We made these in the classroom using a variety of equipment. Afterwards, we tested these on  the school field to see if they could fly!
One of the countries we visited was Nepal! Here, we visited 'The Monkey Temple' and learnt all about Buddhism. This included learning about its original story and acting this out in front of the class. 
One of our most exciting stops was in Tokyo, Japan. As well as learning about some of its fascinating buildings/skyscrapers, we looked at some of the food they ate. We had a go at making some Sushi from scratch! The children then wrote their own sets of instructions of how to make it...