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Autumn 2


This half term we will be learning all about different celebrations from Birthdays to Weddings to Divali and Christmas. We will reading lots of different stories about celebrations and holding our own birthday parties and christmas parties. We can't wait to have a birthday party role play area and enhance our provision with counting candles, mark making birthday cards and making rangoli patterns. 


Weeks 6 and 7


It's party week!!!

Our parties were lots of fun, we did lots of dancing, what  fabulous dancers in our nursery classes! 

We played  musical bumps, musical statues, christmas corners and pass the parcel.  Then we sat down for our party food.  We each had a christmas cracker to pull and a party hat to wear.   Whilst we were eating, we think one of Santa's helpers must have crept in  because later, we found a santa sack full of presents for us all!     

We made Rudolph biscuits this morning on our last day before the Christmas holidays! They are so yummy!
We made salt dough decorations to take home to hang on our trees.   
Some children looked at the silver tree and had a go at painting one themselves or made a snowflake printing picture. 
We listened to the story 'The First Christmas' and had a go at drawing our favourite part of the story. 

Christmas is coming!   

In nursery we are having a go at lots of new activities and this week listened to the story 'The first Christmas.' We talked about Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus.  We played with a wooden nativity set and  completed a nativity scene jigsaw. 

We also made Christmas cards to take home to our loved ones. We had our photos taken and then painted our hands in brown paint. We printed these onto paper and they looked like Rudolph's antlers. We then stuck a red pom pom on our noses and we turned into Rudolph! We then had a go at writing our names inside the card. We were all brilliant and had a really good try. Well done Nursery. 
The singing christmas tree is a big hit with both our nursery children and the staff!    We all like to do a little dance when he starts to sing!
 Being creative is something we love to see the children doing.  Our Christmas tray has had lots of interest, children have explored it and talked about what they found.   We love Archie's Christmas tree, especially when he put the star on the top.   Romy and Mia spent time decorating a tree and even tidied away when they had finished so that some one else could have a turn, thank you girls for being very thoughtful. 
We practised our fine motor skills by threading red and white beads onto green pipe cleaners. They looked just like candy canes and we had lots of fun making them! They were a little but fiddly but everyone wanted to have a go. They look great on our Christmas tree. 
We also practised our counting skills by counting the pom poms onto the christmas tree. We rolled the dice and counted the dots on the side it landed on. We then counted the correct amount of pom poms onto the tree. It was lots of fun and the children took it in turns. 

Week 5

Dear Santa

We love to read the book 'Dear zoo' by Rod Campbell so we were sure to love 'Dear Santa' too.   We had fun guessing which presents Santa had wrapped up to send to the children and then lifting the flaps to see if we were right.   We all liked the present at the end of the story!
We had a go at wrapping up boxes to make pretend Christmas presents to go under our tree. It's a tricky job, folding the paper and using sticky tape but we did a great job and asked for help when we needed it. 
We made a start decorating nursery for Christmas time.  We found lots of sparkly tinsel and pretty baubles to decorate the tree. 
After reading 'Dear Santa'  we looked at some wrapped presents and guessed what could be inside.   "a football",   "some chocolates",   "a Barbie house",  "a doll"  "a toy car" were some of the guesses.    We then chose a present template and made marks and drew what present was inside.  We also found our name cards to help us have a go to write our name.
We are learning a Christmas song called 'Christmas Pudding'  and have been talking about what they look like.   We scrunched up and stuck on tissue paper to decorate our own Christmas puddings.  
We also made our own calenders to bring home with us. We talked about the different seasons and used our hand to print the tree trunk and our finger tips for the different coloured leaves depending on the season. We talked about the colours and really enjoyed using our hands to make our amazing calenders. 
We had a go at counting and being able to count out from a larger group. We had some Santa sacks and some presents. We played different number games with the children and modelled counting to them. We counted out a number from a larger group. I asked for 4 presents and counted 1 at a time; 1 present, 2 presents, 3 presents, 4 presents to show the children clearly how to count correctly. I have 4 presents. Can you put 3 in this sack? We had lots of discussion about numbers and the children we very engrossed. Well done Nursery. 


We had to decorate our tree on the tuff tray. The children loved it. 
We dressed up as Santa and Christmas puddings!!
The children really loved exploring the water beads and making the shaving foam tree look festive with multi-coloured baubles. 

Week 4


Kipper's Birthday

We started our week off by reading the story 'Kippers birthday' by Mick Inkpen.

The children talked about their own birthdays and parties, balloons, cakes and presents. 

Surprise! What a fabulous birthday treat.

Still image for this video

We all loved climbing inside our giant gift box and bursting out as a special surprise present! 

Alfie Bear is celebrating his birthday in nursery this week.  He sent the children an invitation , asking them to go to his  birthday party! 
We all said "yes please"  and wrote him a reply so that he knew we would be there!
We celebrated Alfie Bear’s birthday. 
we wore our party hats, played party games, sang ‘happy birthday’ and ate party food.  He had a great time! 
We have practised our fine motor skills by cutting out birthday cakes and it's candles and sticking them on top. We counted how many we put on top and we were able to add more if we needed to. We were able to say how old we were and enjoyed counting the candles one at a time to make sure we had not too many or not too few. 
We made party hats for our party with Dougie Dog and decorated them with sequins and glitter. We even used pom poms and ribbon to make them look beautiful. We had so much fun making them. We then had a birthday party to celebrate Dougie Dog's birthday. We had cake and juice and we did some brilliant dancing and showed off our moves. 
We had a letter from Dougie Dog inviting us to his party and he was in trouble because he couldn't find any cakes anywhere. He asked us to design some and draw them, then we had to make them. It was so much fun. We said 'of course we will Dougie.' We held our pencils beautifully and made marks on paper. We found our name card to write our name on our design and we even had a go at writing the first sounds of different words, ttt two and ccc cake. We then decorated our own. It was lots of fun. 
We then had a go at balloon painting. It was so much fun. We had some blown up balloons on the painting table and we dipped them in our favourite coloured paint. We then made a repeat pattern on the paper using the colours we had chosen.
Week 3

We are delighted to say that this week we are taking part in 

'World Nursery Rhyme Week.'


We are starting the week on Monday with 'The wheels on the bus go round and round...'


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It's been a busy Monday,  We have loved singing the song and lots of children are joining in and doing the actions.

Outside, we made a bus and took turns to drive it.  When Elsie was driving she said it would take us to Benidorm! 

We have noticed different road signs outside and talked about what they mean. Mia told me when talking about the traffic lights, " red is stop, yellow is get ready and green is go!"  

Mrs Norton and some children made our own bus - the number 2. 

We couldn't wait to get in it and start going on our travels.  

The wheels on the bus!

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Tuesday  was all about frogs,  '5 little speckled frogs'.

We had lots of fun feedings bugs to frogs,  making frogs jump off logs into blue sticky jelly, making wide mouth frog hand puppets and of course singing the song.  We sang it really well and used numbers to say how many frogs there were and how many were left, each time a frog jumped into the pond - some great number knowledge!   

At the end of the day we learnt another fun song called 'little green frog'  there were lots of fabulous moves and laughter. 

The Little Green Frog song - Rainbow Songs Music Videos for Kids by Howdytoons

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Our next rhyme was ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’.

we made finger mice,  it was quite tricky and it took lots and lots of patience but we did it!  

Some children wanted to make their own clocks and mice to play with as they sang the rhyme.   We did some careful cutting,  and  talked about the numbers on a clock.  We talked about the hands on a clock and noticed there is a  long one and a short one. 

"Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock"   We had fun using the mice and doing actions as we sang the nursery rhyme. 
On Thursday our Nursery rhyme was Old MacDonald had a farm. We sang the song altogether on the carpet and we did lots of fun activities. We had an animal cleaning station where we had to clean the animals with a toothbrush and then take them back to the farm. We loved this activity and even got to wear our new puddle suits!

Old MacDonald had a Farm - Makaton Sign Language

We also had a farm small world and loved playing with the horse box and taking the horses to their homes. We loved playing with the hay and feeding the different animals. It was great fun.
We then made our own farms using different animals and a pond and even a tractor. We stuck these on using glue and we then found our names cards to practise writing our names on our pictures. 
We used tractors a lot too and made mud tracks using their tyres and rolling them through paint. We also stuck pencils to the back of the tractors and made marks when we drove the tractors along. It was so exciting and lots of fun. 
On Friday we learnt the nursery rhyme, Miss Polly had a Dolly. We all loved joining in and singing this song and loved learning the Makaton for it. We all sat beautifully on the carpet and listened to the words. 

Miss Polly

We played doctors and nurses and dressed up! We loved it. We looked after each other and fixed lots of broken bones. 

Week 2


Peppa's Diwali


This week in Nursery we have been learning all about the festival of light, Diwali. We have been making our own Diva lamps and taking them home which has been so much fun! We chose our favourite colour paint and painted our Diva lamps and decorated them with sequins and glitter. We will be bringing them home this week. 

We have also read Peppa's Diwali which is a book all about Peppa pig and how she celebrates Diwali. We have really enjoyed reading it in school.
We have learnt some Diwali songs and practised our Diwali dancing! We have loved seeing how other cultures celebrates and we started to get really good at dancing. Have you seen us do it at home? 
We then went outside and made Rangoli patterns on the playground using chalks. We cut out a template/stencil and all had a turn at colouring in the different sections. We took it in turns and using lots of different colours. When we had coloured in all of the gaps, we counted to three and took the template off. It revealed an amazing pattern. We were amazed! You might still be able to see them when you pick us up from school. 
We made Diwali paper chains too!
Mrs Gray and Mrs Kitching painted a Rangoli pattern on the tuff tray and we had to have a go at making our own using different coloured pasta. We then made a class Rangoli pattern using coloured rice. 
We made some lovely diva lamps using circles and rectangles. We then decorated them with stars and swirls. They look so lovely. 
We learnt all about Mendhi patterns and had a go at creating our own. We then had a go at writing our own names at the top of our work.