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Silly Soup

(Resources: pictures either drawn or printed out, a bowl, a spoon)


Today we are going to be having a go at some phonics work and we are going to play the game called Silly Soup. What you need to do is get your grown up to draw lots of different images onto paper that rhyme. So you could have a rug and a bug or a bat and a cat or a frog and a log. Then what you need to do is put the cards face up and you have to choose two of the words that rhyme. You would then put these in the bowl and give the soup a stir whilst singing, 'We're making lots of silly soup, we're making soup that's silly, we're going to put it in the fridge to make it nice and chilly.' 

Then repeat for as many rhyming words as you like. 

Colour mixing

(Resource: old sweet wrappers, colouring pencils and paper)


What I would like you to have a go at today is doing some colour mixing. You can do this with paint which is lots of fun but I've had an even better idea! 

Can you find some sweet wrappers around your house from christmas, or even unopened sweets and keep the wrappers. Then what I would like you to do is have a go at putting two different colours on top of each other. These will then make another colour. Can you write down what each colour pair makes. Have a look at the video I made below and let me know what you find out! 

Colour mixing

Still image for this video