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Spring 2- Charlie and the chocolate factory

Following our Geography work with four figure grid references we started to look at using six figure grid references. We located the same square together as a class and then worked individually to locate different places on a map and record the grid reference. 
I’m Geography this week we have been using the 8 compass points to follow and give directions. We worked in partners to record where different characters were located. We used our knowledge of where North was to pin point the location of each individual.
This week we’ve been getting into the role of different characters from the story who might not have had the best experience. As a result, in writing we carried out a conscience alley where we could express our feelings to Mr Wonka. We got to chose what character we were and following this we wrote a letter of complaint to him.
After making a start on our setting descriptions we created prints of the chocolate tree in the style of Angie-Lewin! 
At the start of this week we looked at the features of a setting description and arranged them into features and non-features that would go in the waste bin. Later in the week we wrote our setting descriptions with a focus on using expanded noun phrases and             prepositions.
This week in Science we have been learning about the requirements of plants to live and grow. We built on we already knew by matching definitions and labels to pictures. We then had some time to explore plants and the different parts of a plant, we then matched our knowledge to the parts of the plant. Finally, we set up an experiment where we put three plants in three different locations. We measured the height of each plant and recorded it. Afterwards, we wrote a prediction about which plant we thought would grow the most according to the location of it.
Before looking at the features of a report, we scripted our very own news segment at the scene of Augustus finding the golden ticket! Within our news team we had a camera man/woman, a presenter, healthy eating experts and exercise experts! We later performed them to the class. 
We used maps to located Germany (birthplace of Augustus). Following this, we looked at features of Germany and researched them! 
To begin the week we were introduced to Augustus Gloop, the first ticket finder! After noticing he wasn’t in the best shape we learnt all about keeping healthy and the importance of it. We looked at a range of menus and discussed if they were balanced or not. Finally, we looked at how advertising can influence our decisions when purchasing snacks.