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Week 4 Activities

DAY 1 - Phonics

Can you watch the video below and learn the new phonics sound? Go on a word hunt around your home, what words can you find with that sound in them?

Phonics lesson 11: air

Welcome back and today we are learning 'air'

DAY 2 - Dance

Time to get musical! I am sure lots of you have been using the Tik Tok app. Can you either copy a dance from there and practise it so it's perfect or you can create your own new dance!

DAY 3 - Art

Can you draw a picture of what you have been up to in the holidays? You can even write a few sentences underneath about what you have done. 


DAY 4 - Maths

Make a set of 10 cards, with the numbers 1 - 10 on them. Make your own add + takeaway - and equals sign =. Now you can make your own maths questions! Can you remember our number bonds to 10?