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Activities during closure- week begininng 18/05/20


This week I want you to think about the amazing job all of the staff working for the NHS are doing. Your challenge today is to draw a wonderful picture of all the different people that work in hospitals! Make it as colourful and interesting as you can. 


Once you have finished, above I would like to write lots of different skills you need to work in a hospital e.g. CARING, KIND, THOUGHTFUL. 


I would suggest you draw it landscape to give you more space, I can't wait to see what they look like when we're back at school!


Now you have created an image of hospital workers and the different skills they need I want you to chose one of them for your next activity! For example you might want to chose a nurse, doctor or an ambulance driver? 


Once you have made your choice I want you to think about what their day might be like and create a timetable for every two hours! It would be great if you researched what they have to do for their job and the skills they need first. 


It might look something like this- I've started to do mine for an ambulance driver. It can be as simple as this or as detailed as you like.


06:00- Wake up and put my uniform on ready for work.


08:00- Travel to work.


10:00- Get ready to drive the ambulance as I could receive a call at anytime asking me to visit someone or be somewhere in case of an emergency. 


12:00- ....


I'm sure you guys know the amazing job the NHS are doing at the moment and you've done some great activities this week already to understand more about it! Today your challenge is to write a letter thanking the NHS for their hard work! I want to read these when we are back at school so try your hardest to impress me with your vocabulary and really show thankful you are! 


Everyone saw the fantastic job you did designing a poster for your TV show/film and now I've got a new job for you! 


The NHS want your help to design a brand new ambulance! All that they have asked is that it has the words 'AMBULANCE' and 'NHS' somewhere on it. I would suggest you draw it landscape again, if you have access to a computer or an Ipad you could even use that to design it!


I look forward to seeing your designs! 


I'm sure by now you've seen some people wearing masks to cover up their nose and mouth and maybe gloves too! People wear these masks to slow down the spread of this virus and to stop them giving it to someone else if they have it. Some people wear them and others don't It's their choice!


Today I thought you could have a go and making your own mask, all you need is one SOCK! Ask and adult to help you if you find it tricky. 


Watch this video first


Easy Face Mask from Socks! NO Sew!

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