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Our Science Learning!

Autumn 1 - Materials

In Science this half term we are looking at materials. We started our first lesson by putting our hands in a feely bag, given to us by Saffy. Once we discovered the materials, we spoke about what we thought they were made from and what they could be used for. 

Sing Along Song | Everyday Materials

Listen to this song to learn all about the everyday materials. This is the song your child should listen to, to learn about what things are made of. Sing and dance along to our music made for children here at our kid-friendly Explore Planet English channel.

In our next science lesson we continued to look at materials. We went on a walk around school and looked for different items to see what materials they were made from! 


In science we looked at how seasons change. We all knew that summer had come to an end, so we were exploring the changes that were happening outside. The first thing we realised was how cold it is and how we all need coats to stay warm! We also looked at leaves changing colours, trees losing their leaves and autumn objects. We had lots of fun walking around school and creating faces out of conquers, leaves and sticks. 

We continued to look at materials and their properties. We had so much fun exploring and learning new vocabulary!