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Tuesday 2nd March


Today we are going to measure volume in litres and work out whether an amount is more than, less than or equal to a litre.


Today we are going to continue reading 'The Tin Forest' and working on our visualisation skills. Read the next section of the story. 


"But when he awoke, His world outside was still the same. One day something caught the old man is I had an idea planted it self in his head. The idea grew roots and sprouted. Feeding on the rubbish, it grew leaves. It grew branches. It grew bigger and bigger."


I would like you to think about what you visualise during reading this section of the book. What do you see the old man doing? What is it that sprouted and grew roots, leaves and branches? Draw what you can see into the bubble and write what you think it is.



The Purple crayon has left as well! He is so unhappy about people not caring about where they draw and how they colour. We hear from him that he has made a new friend in India- Palm Leaf. She wears beautiful tradition Indian clothing and has shown purple crayon drawings children have done of her- coloured in beautifully. 

Purple crayon is so excited to meet palm leaf. He is told that in India (a part of Asia) people used to use palm leaves like we use paper. Purple crayon wants to explain to the crayons back home in the box all about Palm Leaf and what she looks like. He has thought of some words to describe her and her outfit already:

  • beautiful
  • wonderful
  • colourful
  • joyful
  • cheerful
  • delightful


Think about what Palm Leaf's outfit looks like. How do you think it may feel? (silky, smooth, soft) How might it move? (sway, swish, float) How long is it? What can you see on it? Is it just one part or more? 


Our objective today is to use the -ful ending (like on purple crayons suggestions) to describe Palm Leaf's outfit.


Purple crayon has met Palm Leaf today and admires her wonderful outfit. He thinks that she may like an outfit made from crayons! Have a look at the designs below and see if you can design her an outfit made from crayons.