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In Science at Westwood, we love to get active and in Mulberry Class, we are all trying to be scientists in every science lesson. During science, we are asking questions and enquiring about things. The 5 key enquiry skills which we cover in every science topic at Westwood are:

- Comparative and fair testing

- Pattern seeking

- Grouping, classifying and identifying

- Researching using secondary sources

- Observing over time.


Look out for the heading to see what enquiry type we've been doing!

Autumn 1 - Light and Darkness

This half term in science, we have been thinking about light and darkness and the difference between the two. We've conducted lots of experiments and learnt lots of new words. Ask your child what these words mean and they should be able to tell you!


- reflection

- shadow

- transparent

- opaque

- translucent

- prism

- spectrum

- white light

- light source

- luminous

- non-luminous


We've also taken part in lots of fun and exciting investigations. We've tried to make light bend around objects, played reflection games and in writing, we wrote fabulous explanations of how mirrors work.

Autumn 2 - Animals including humans

We started by thinking about things which are living, dead and have never been alive. We thought about the characteristics of each of these categories. We then grouped the objects based on these characteristics to discover which ones were alive and which weren't and why.
We thought about food chains and what they are. We then created our own food chains with our partner. 

Spring 1 - Animals including humans

This half term, we have been thinking about what makes us healthy and how to have a balanced diet. We learnt about the different types of foods and did some classifying and grouping and analysing food diaries to give suggestions for clients. We then learnt about different bones and muscles and why we need them. We did an investigation thinking about the muscles we use for different activities. We predicted which muscles we'd use and then we carried out the exercise and thought about the muscles we had actually used. 


Ask your child the scientific name of some of the bones - you'll be impressed!

Spring 2 - Plants


This half term, our science topic is all about plants! Whilst working at home at the beginning of the half term, we wrote some lovely leaflets about the different parts and functions of a plant. When we got back into school, we dissected plants to look at the different parts and thought about what they needed to grow!
We then used celery to think about how water moves through plants. We conducted an investigation where we placed celery in different coloured water to see how it rises through the xylem! 

Summer 1 - Forces and Magnets

We began our new topic by learning about magnets. We found out what a magnet is and what it does and began to sort and classify objects based on if they were attracted to a magnet or were repelled. 

We planned and conducted our own investigation: How many sheets of paper can a fridge magnet hold?