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Tuesday 2nd March

Maths - 


We are moving on from equal groups in multiplication and are going to be looking at division. This means that we are ensuring that every group is equal and we are giving out the same amount to everyone. For your work today you will be told how many objects you need to put in to each group. Once you have done this, you need to count how many groups you have. 

Writing - 


Whilst Purple Crayon was travelling around Asia, he made friends with crayons there. They told him that they do not like the way that they are being treated either, so they thought that they should all quit too! They want to tell other crayons who are not being used properly that they should leave too, how could they do this? By making an advert! 


Your job is to create an advert telling other crayons that they should leave their homes if they are not being treated how they deserve to be. In your advert you need to include 

- A title (Crayons quit together!)

- What you want the other crayons to do (If you are not happy with how your owner uses you then you need to quit.)

- Why they should leave (If you quit you can have fun on a beach like I am)

- Who they will be friends with (There is lots of crayons and felt tips who have quit and are now best friends)


In your work I would like you to use a !. We use these when we are excited about something or are speaking really loudly. 

Handwriting - 


Listen to the video below and have a go at your tall letters. 

Tall letters

Still image for this video

Geography - 


To begin the lesson, I would like you to have a look at the map below and try to locate Asia. Then, listen to the continents song and see if you can listen for some facts about Asia. Remember, Asia is a continent, so it is made up of lots of different countries. 


For your main task, I would like you to have a think about what you think the weather is like in Asia. Do you think it is sunny, windy, rainy? In Asia, the weather is mainly dry, however they also experience something called a monsoon. A monsoon is where between the months of May and September there is lots of rain everyday. Then, in the months of October to April it is mainly dry and warm. 


I would like you to create your own weather forecast for Asia. You can do this by drawing pictures of the weather forecast or you can pretend you are going on the TV and reading it out to everyone! 

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