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MATHS- Complete the GP and workbook sheets.

Guided Reading- Complete the final sheet of the week that you haven't done yet. TODAYS CHALLENGE- Can you draw a picture of Flat Stanley and split your page into two, on side tell me about what he looks like and on the other tell me all about his feelings and emotions (using your predict skills) Have a look at the picture below to help you!

Writing- Today you are going to write your setting description. This week we have worked towards getting a bank of our senses in New York, four expanded noun phrases and looked at WAGOLL together. Take your time when writing and focus on your spelling and handwriting. Try and aviod as best as you can writing 'I can see' 'I can hear' 'I can touch' and more 'In the distance, there are towering skyscrapers that peer over the rest of the city.'

Things you can describe in your setting description: 

Vibrant, yellow taxis

towering skyscrapers

Bright, beaming lights in Times Square

The luxurious smell of restaurants

The cloudy steam escaping from the subways

The statue of Liberty

Empire State Building

The parade of shops down every street

Central Park