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Monday 18th January


Today is all about drawing shapes. Look carefully at the shapes in the book. Start by drawing the vertices and then adding on the sides. 



Squirrel Me Timbers

Still image for this video

Begin by looking at the front cover only


  1. What can you see?
  2. What do we think might happen?
  3. What might the squirrel do?
  4. What might have happened before this picture? 


Read/listen to the first section of the text up to where he finds a treasure map.


  1. What might happen next?
  2. What might be on the map?
  3. Where might Sammy go?
  4. What might he want the treasure to be?
  5. What places might Sammy visit?
  6. Do you think he will find treasure?
  7. Do you think it will be easy?




The riddle has taken us to the Lost Lagoon! To find the code we must dive down into the bottom of the lagoon and find a message in a bottle. Jump on in...


What can you see?

In the lagoon

Watch the clip of in the lagoon and think about what you can see around you. 


We are going to write a description deep down in the lagoon. Our special word today is 'with'.


At the bottom of the lagoon this is a lobster with sharp pincers running along the sand.


We all know that one of the things that humans need to survive is air. But how long can you hold your breath to search in the water for the code? 


Do you know how we breathe? We breathe in air which fills up our lungs and we breathe out stale air. Watch the clip below that shows you how they work.


Still image for this video

We still need to breathe air underwater, but how? Look at the different ways to help us breathe underwater. Can you design your own breathing apparatus?