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Star of the Week

Autumn 2


Week 1 - Lucy Sutcliffe - for having a brilliant week all round - passing her times tables test, spelling test, great contributions on lessons and generally just being fantastic! Well done Lucy!


Week 2 - Lennon Mitchell - for a real change in attitude this week, a can do attitude and being very self motivated to get on with things himself! Well done Lennon!


Week 3 - Reenie Downing - for excellent work and self-motivation in maths this week. Reenie has tried incredibly hard with some quite tricky maths and has been a resilient learner to power through. She even took Mr Cooper's place and taught the class on Thursday! Well done Reenie!


Week 4 - Kian Welch - for coming back after self-isolating as if he has never been gone! He's only been back a day but he's been so enthusiastic to get involved and has worked so hard at home. I'm very proud Kian, well done!


Week 5 - Cian Hope - for being so involved and engaged in our latest adventure, even when he was learning from home! Well done Cian.