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Lets learn about temperature and how to read it. Reading a temperature is very similar to reading how much liquid a container holds. Read through the slides and have a go at the activities if you have a thermometer, don't worry if you don't. Can you find out what the temperature is outside today? If you don't have a thermometer you could look at a weather app on a mobile phone.

Try this reasoning question about reading the temperature

Comparing Numbers: 2-Digit Numbers | Math for 1st Grade | Kids Academy

.Next have a look at these pictures and answer the questions on a sheet of paper.

Can you choose the correct coin to pay for these items?

When you go to the shops find the price for a bottle of milk and with the help of your Parent or Guardian work out which coins you would need to use to pay for it.  (You can do this for any other items on your shopping list too.)