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Spring 1 - Guess Who?

                         Guess Who?



We have been given the important task of researching the following key individuals, to decide who should be awarded the 'Great Achiever' award. 

- Andy Warhol

- Benjamin Franklin

- Vivienne Westwood

- Rama and Sita

All have achieved great things in their own field - but who do you think is most worthy?

Adventure Songs


Have a look at the first song we will be learning - The World's Greatest by R. Kelly. 

We will also be singing:

- Simply the best - Tina Turner 

- The one and only - Chesney Hawkes 

- Electricity - Elton John 

R Kelly- Worlds Greatest Lyrics

To kick start our adventure, we were responsible for researching each of the eligible candidates who could be awarded 'The Greatest Achiever' award.We researched Andy Warhol, Benjamin Franklin, Vivienne Westwood and Rama & Sita.

DISASTER! Someone broke into Miss Martin's classroom overnight and stole the trophy for the 'Great Acheiver'. Lots of clues were left, but who did it? Can we guess who?

After visiting the crime scene, we filled out our crime report with the evidence found and the possible suspects. We created character description wanted posters describing each of the suspects! We used a descriptosarus to help us use more exciting vocabulary.

We decided to look at Andy Warhol a lot more closely. We looked at examples of his Pop Art and decided to create our own piece in his style. We created printing blocks of different food items and printed them onto paper.

We then used different coloured ink to print our designs onto paper. They looked fantastic!

We then looked at Electricity in Science, looking at the work of Benjamin Franklin. We created simple circuits, testing to see which would create a complete circuit and which would create an incomplete circuit.

We then completed an experiment to investigate what materials are conductors and insulators of electricity.

We then looked at how including a switch in a circuit can control the flow of electricity. We did this by creating a circuit with a buzzer in it, controlling when it made a noise and when it didn't by turning the switch on and off.

In Guided Reading we looked at the story of Frank Einstein. We worked in groups to order different parts of the story.

We began to look at the Hindu religion. We began by looking at their beliefs and the different Deities which are part of their religion, We worked in groups to match pictures to the names and qualities of them.

Whilst looking at Frank Einstein in Guided Reading, we also completed a an inference or literal Burn2Learn. We had to decide if statements from the text were Inferential or literal.

We looked at how Hindu's worship, both at home and at a Mandir. We looked the similarities and differences between them.

We then imagined that we were on a Hindu pilgrimage.

In Guided Reading we looked at the story of Rama and Sita. In groups, we acted it out and performed it to the rest of the class.

In a SPAG lesson, we had to turn 'adventure' themed sentences into fronted adverbials, making sure the punctuation was in the correct place.

In SPAG, we looked at prepositions. We went on a preposition hunt around school to see how many different ones we could find.

After looking at Vivienne Westwood, we designed and made our own purse for someone else. We took on board other people's opinions and thought about the things that they would like.

We loved having our parents in to share with them all of the fantastic work we have done over the half term! We did more printing, completed some more electricity experiments and practiced our sewing skills!