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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Dream, Believe, Achieve

Computing at Westwood

Where is the Dream, Believe, Achieve?




At Westwood children are introduced to Computer Scientists and Mathematicians who have made significant contributions to the world of technology, through our “Westwood’s Computing Heroes”.

Each of the individuals chosen have been carefully selected to reflect modern Britain and the diverse wider world and to act as an inspiration to our children. For example, Ada Lovelace, born 1815, the world’s first computer programmer; Alan Turing, a computer scientist, mathematician and cryptographer who was a member of the LGBTQ+ community; Annie Easley, a black woman whose work for NASA in the 1950’s and 60’s enabled Armstrong to walk on the Moon; Sophie Wilson, a transgender woman, born in Leeds who designed the BBC Micro and BASIC programming language.

 Each of these significant individuals had drive and determination, often whilst facing great adversity, therefore demonstrating to the children that they too can shape the world we live in for the better.


Children learn how Computing can open up a huge range of opportunities once they move on to High School and eventually the working world.


They learn how important computing skills are in so many areas of learning along with jobs and careers, and that enhancing their computing skills will provide them with numerous choices in their future lives. We encourage them to be ambitious and to dream of continuing computing at college, university and beyond.




Through our Computing curriculum children learn to persevere when learning a new skill or technique. They build resilience and have high aspirations for their work which in turn builds their self-esteem.


Through the use of Purple Mash, and a wide range of other computing resources, children explore and enhance their knowledge in fun and creative ways, while having the necessary support and opportunities to push their learning as far as they can and thereby to develop an ever-increasing sense of achievement, pride and self-belief – a “can do” approach!


Children are given opportunities to use their computing skills across all subjects in school, enabling them to understand the value of their computing skills and how they can enhance their learning throughout their lives.




Children have many chances to feel success in computing through the Purple Mash Rewards system where children earn digital badges for a wide range of skills:

  • Effort
  • Excellence
  • Inspiration
  • Achievement
  • Thinking
  • Resourcefulness
  • Learning
  • Presentation


Each class has its own digital Notice Board where children can post work they are proud of for their classmates to see.


Through access to Purple Mash at home, children can celebrate their work and achievements with their families and at the same time, enhance their learning on their own terms.



Pupils leave Westwood as competent and confident computer scientists, fully equipped to continue their computing learning journey at high school and into adulthood. The skills and knowledge they have acquired whilst at Westwood ensure they grow into confident, capable adults with the skills and self-belief they need to succeed in the ever-changing world of technology.