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Wednesday 18th

Phonics - 

Today the sound you will be learning is "igh - fly high." Enjoy watching the video and make sure you join in!

Set 2 Speed Sound Lesson 3- igh

This video is about Set 2 Speed Sound igh

Topic - 

This week is Anti-Bullying week. We all know at Westwood that bullying is not acceptable and how it can really upset someone. What I would like you to do today is design a good friend. You can create what this person looks like on paper - they can be wearing anything you want and have any colour hair etc. Around the outside of the person I want you to write what you think makes a good friend. Is it someone who is caring and kind? Do they call you names and pick on you? Or do they invite you to play with them at lunch? 

Maths - 

Show the children the "In Focus" task, ask your child how many children in the picture are girls? Could they use a number sentence to work out the answer? See if your child could work this out on their own, if they are struggling then you can help them by asking "How many children are there altogether?" "What would happen if we took the boys away from the total amount of children?" 


Work through the first question and then the guided practice, writing down the questions on a piece of paper. Then start off on the questions from the textbook. If your child is struggling, don't worry. Use toys instead so they have a proper representation of the questions.