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Wednesday 27th January


Today we are looking at the nets of 3D shapes. When you look at a net you can see all of the faces of the shape in one go. Have a look at the nets and see what shaped faces you can see. Can you work out what shape it will be when you fold it up?


Today we are going to be sequencing the story of 'Lost in the Garden Maze'. We need to think about the whole story and the order that things happen. Below are the images from the story all jumbled up. Can you follow the story and put them back in the correct order?


To help us get through the maze and to the goblet in the middle where we will find the code and riddle, the natives have given us a map. We need to write instructions to give out to the explorers so they can all meet us in the middle!

We need to give clear instructions using our special word 'when'. We need to tell them what to do when they get to each part of the maze.


We must include:

  • title
  • introduction
  • numbered instructions



Map of the Mystical Maze

If you want to find your way around the Mystical Maze then follow these instructions.


1. First follow Wrong Way Street until you get to the tower.

2. Next when you get to the tower follow Way To Go Road.

3. Then when you get to the gnome house follow Not Again Street.

4. After that when you get to the troll bridge follow Quality street.


The map of the maze has blown away! You must create your own map of the maze and add a key so that the explorers know what to look out for! Have a look at mine below.