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Thursday 25th March

Maths Live lesson - 9:30

Today in maths we are continuing to write hundredths and practicing to use place value for ones, tenths and hundredths.


Guided Reading Live lesson - 10:30am

Today, we're going to prepare for a debate! That means we need real life opinions, it would be amazing if you could record yourself saying an argument and send it in so we can share some of the videos! During the live lesson you'll be placed into debate teams and your job is to persuade the rest of your class that your method of getting Billy down the tree is the best! 


Below are some sentence ideas you could use to think about your arguments. If you can manage to write your arguments and some ideas down we can host the debate tomorrow!


Writing Live lesson - 1pm

We are continuing our letter of complaint and today we are going to focus on the main body test. In this section we need to tell Mr Wonka what happened to us! We are trying to make him feel guilty and that it was all his fault! Todays SPAG challenge is subordinating conjunctions, we used lots of these last week in our writing, but we will share ideas in our lesson of some we can use!


Below is an example complaint letter, lets see if you can make yours better! I look forward to reading them!


In today's geography, you're going to learn about the 8 compass points. We know North, South, East and West (these are our cardinal points) but we're also going to introduce our inter cardinal points today too. Watch the video below which explains them and goes through a little more (there is some maths involved in this part of geography!). Then, complete the 2 activities below.

Geography 25th March - Compass Points


Spelling and handwriting - complete these at some point today.

Follow the link below about 'ing' and 'ed' word endings with Mr Cooper. Attached is an activity to have a go at as well as some handwriting practice.