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Maths No Problem

We finished our Maths home learning by looking at decimals. So far, we have practiced changing fractions into decimals, adding and subtracting them and identifying their place value. 
During lockdown, we have also covered the topic of Fractions. This year, we have had a big focus on equivalent fractions and comparing their sizes. 
We finished our ‘word problems’ topic at the start of lockdown. We then moved onto looking at ‘Reading Tables.’

We have now started using a counting stick in Maths to help us with our times tables. Mr Ashford shouts out some different rules and this helps us to recall times tables at speed. It really works well!

To learn about different prime numbers we made rectangles with counters. We figured out that if the number of counters could not fit into a rectangle exactly, the number must be prime.

When doing our place value activities, we have been playing some number games. Everyone has been in competition with each other, where they have been using their knowledge of place value to try and find a bigger number than their partner.

We have started Year 5 Maths No Problem by looking at Place Value of numbers up to 1,000,000!! The children have been identifying numbers with up to 6 digits and showing how to represent these on a place value chart using counters.