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Burn 2 Learn

At Westwood, we aim to consistently provide a culture of creativity and inspiration for our children. We are always looking for different strategies to raise children's attainment and attitudes as well as their physical health and emotional well being. That's why this year all our staff are adopting BURN2LEARN as a way to enthuse, excite and engage children in the classroom! This physically active learning approach is delivered across all subjects and strives to get the children off their seats, not only as a way to raise attainment but improve children's health, communication and leadership skills. Children can often be seen running outside and through the school completing cross - curricular orienteering activities, throwing and catching balls in the classroom to improve their times table knowledge or even taking part in figurative language relays!


During each BURN2LEARN lesson or activity, children aspire to meet certain outcomes which helps them to evaluate their own learning and contribution to the task. They are displayed in every classroom ensuring consistency throughout the school. These outcomes are:


  • I have the ability to give it a go
  • I have the ability to listen to and respect others
  • I have the ability to motivate others
  • I have the ability to give praise to others
  • I have the ability to work as part of a team
  • I have the ability to be a BURN2LEARN leader
  • I have the ability to win and lose gracefully
  • I have the ability to challenge myself
  • I have the ability to follow instructions
  • I have the ability to stay focused

After finding out what a simile is, the children's task was to find words scattered around the classroom, each one describing parts of the pirate.

When looking for the magical cup in the maze we turned our classroom into the maze and found our way around it so we could write instructions on how to get through the maze.

The pupils were taksed with making a magical potion to put the dragon to sleep. Pupils had to find the ingredients around the classroom and then match them to the verd and adverb to explain how to use that ingredient. Thankfully the potion