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Monday 1st Feb


We are going to be continuing with graphs and bar charts today but this time we are going to be looking at how a bar chart can be turned into a line graph in order to see trends and patterns. During the live lesson we will remind ourselves of what the scale is and how you could work out what scale to use from the information given. The let's learn discusses real life scenarios and how you would put this information on a line graph to see what happens over time. Does it matter what is at the bottom of the graph? You will then carry out the guided practice and workbook questions independently.

Guided reading:

Today we will be focusing on our inference skills from the 'big 10'. We already know some things about the Twits, but we don't know everything so we need to use our inference skills to find out more about them. For example, why did Mrs Twit become ugly? What happened to make her thoughts change to negative thoughts over the years? What do Mr and Mrs Twit like about one another? These are all questions that we could answer if we used out inference skills. We will read through the chapters again during the live lesson and think about what we know about Mr Twit from our inference skills. You will then carry out the activity again independently, filling out the table for inference and literal about Mrs Twit.


Today we will be focusing on the suffix -ly. We are going to be looking at how you can change an adjective into an adverb by adding the -ly suffix. For the independent task, you are to look at the table and change the adjectives into adverbs. Then as a challenge, write 3 sentences using some of the adverbs from the table. I would then like you to watch the handwriting video and carry out the handwriting words. Please give this a go as we need to make sure that we still practice our handwriting skills.


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A big time Hollywood film director has been in touch and has asked us to write a story version of his film to make more money. He needs our help! You have been invited as VIP guests to watch the film premiere and you have front row seats. I want you to think about how you could rewrite this as a story. You will not be writing the story yet. Think about who the characters are, is there a problem? Was there a solution to that problem? What happens in the end? Have fun watching the short film.

Film director!

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