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Spring 2/Summer 1 - Egyptian Explorers

To begin our adventure, we found out about the Watson family and their holiday plans. We imagined we were the children in the family and wrote a diary about getting ready for our holiday.


Upon landing in Egypt, we decided to find out where we were in the world. We used globes and atlases to located Egypt and found out that it was in North Africa. We then looked at a range of sources to decide if they showed modern or ancient Egypt.



For our new art topic, we have begun exploring the work of Fabric Lenny. We looked through some pictures and decided what we thought of his work. We then categorised pieces of art into his and not.


We then began to give some of his work a try. We practiced sweeping lines and continuous lines to create bird pictures in his style.


The first trip of the holiday is a tour of Egypt by an archaeologist! The children were given a wide range of clothing and body parts and had to build their ideal archaeologist as a group. They then generated adjectives to describe him and used this to write a fantastic character description.


Next up in history, we learnt about how Ancient Egypt was different to modern Egypt. We created timelines of the events, focussing carefully on chronology.



The family decided to go on a River Nile cruise! We boarded the boat and took part in the journey. We thought about all of our senses as we journeyed down and made a note of these to help write our setting description.


We used a range of sources to think about why the River Nile was important and how the Ancient Egyptians used the river.



In RE, we have continued to learn about Sikhism in preparation for our visit to the Temple. We found out some more about the life of Guru Nanak and completed a fact file about him.


After listening to and appraising Beethoven's Symphony, we decided to learn about the orchestra in music. We found out about the different parts and the different categories of the instruments.


We have continued to look at the work of Fabric Lenny. We looked at different Egyptian objects and thought about how we could draw them in his style thinking carefully about lines, texture and interlocking the images.


Back with the Watson family, we find out that they have been having a blast at the hotel! We are approached by the marketing team at the hotel who ask us to have a go at writing a leaflet to persuade people to visit. We used TUI magazines to have a look at some of the features to help us decide how to write our leaflets.


We're making great progress in French! We're all really confident with greetings, expressing how we are feeling and we're now beginning to think about opinions! 



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After putting all of our ideas together, we created our final piece using all of the skills we have been taught. We then evaluated this comparing it to some of Fabric Lenny's work.


We have been learning about the importance of sleep in RSHE. We thought about the effects of poor sleeping habits and we also gave some advice to William's family about how to improve his bedtime routine.


We really enjoyed our visit to the Sikh Temple and learnt lots. You can see some pictures of what we did there by clicking on our Trips and Visitors Page.


The family met the world famous Tadeo Jones. He told them all about his life as a tomb raider and we decided to write a story about his life.


In DT this half term, we are learning about levers and pulleys. We started by categorising pulleys and finding out how they work. We will be building our own pulleys to help build a pyramid later in this half term!


We learnt about the different Ancient Egyptian Gods and what they stood for. We also found out about the God of the afterlife and watched as Mr Cooper became an embalmer and mummified Jacob.


We then wrote instructions on how to mummify a body. We analysed instructions first and then thought about what we needed to include in ours.