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Adventure 5: A Term At Hogwarts

The adventure began with the children entering the classroom to find a mysterious letter in their places. On reading the letter, the children discovered that they were being welcomed to spend the next term at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They learnt that they must immediately go to the Great Hall to be sorted into their houses.

When they got to the Great Hall, the children took turns to sit with the sorting hat on their heads to learn their fate. Once the children were sorted into their houses, they discovered which teacher was leading their house.

Back in the classroom, the children wrote diary entries reflecting on the day they had. They imagineered what it would be like going through platform 9 and ¾, they used post its to describe the setting and atmosphere on the platform, watched videos to imagine what Ron and Hermione may say on first meeting and used the descriptosaurus book to select appropriate description of the castle and Great Hall.

To celebrate the house they had been placed in by the sorting hat, the children designed and made prints of their new house crest. They first learnt how to print using Styrofoam, acrylic paints and a brayer (roller) and then followed their design to make their own print.

Moving on to our first lesson at Hogwarts the children learnt to fly a broomstick. They then designed their own with a range of weird and wonderful features. They drew their broomstick and used expanded noun phrases and superlatives to label the features. They also included a quote from a happy customer.

Using their design and descriptions, the children wrote persuasive adverts to encourage others to buy their new and improved broomstick.

The children then went to play their first Quidditch match of the season on the field. They took on the different roles: seeker, keeper, beater and chaser whilst also flying on their broomsticks. Hufflepuff were the victorious team!

Following this, they watched a video of the first match in Harry Potter between Gryffindor and Slytherin. They also read these pages from the books and summarised them before writing a newspaper article about it. They did some SPAG work on including quotes and passive voice in their articles.

Next was the children’s first potions lesson. They learnt about the well-known potions from the Harry Potter series and what these potions did. Then, using a list of ingredients, they designed their own potions.

The children then created their potions using different craft materials.

After making their potions, the children wrote sets of instructions to explain to someone how they would recreate it.

The children then discovered some shocking news. Sirius Black has escaped from Azkaban Prison! They found out that he is a supporter of ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’. In order to help find this dangerous man, the children created prints of him. They first looked at the style of ‘Pop Art’ and found out about the life of Andy Warhol through completing a burn 2 learn.

They then used string and glue to make the outline of his face before printing it. We then combined four of the prints in different colours to make a ‘Pop Art’ style picture.

The children then wrote character descriptions to feature on a ‘WANTED’ poster along with their print.

They then had their first magical creatures lesson where they found out about many different mythical creatures. They then designed their own creatures and decided what special features it would have. The children wrote reports all about their creature.

The children then found out that Professor Snape wanted to see us! A potion had been stolen from his classroom! We had to tell him everything we had seen and write an eyewitness account for him.

For the end of adventure event, the children welcomed their parents in to a Harry Potter Banquet. They prepared a 3 course meal for them to enjoy and showed them all the work they had completed over the course of the adventure.

Take That - Could It Be Magic

To fit in with our magical theme, our song for this half term is Could It Be Magic by Take That.