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Pupils learn different styles of dance, working individually, as a pair and in small groups. In dance as a whole, pupils think about how to use movement to explore and communicate ideas and issues, and their own feelings and thoughts. As they work, they develop an awareness of the historical and cultural origins of different dances. Pupils will be provided with the opportunity to create and perform their work. They will be asked to provide feedback using the correct dance terminology and will be able to use this feedback to improve their work. Pupils will work safely with each other and show respect towards others.


Key Skills

  • Physical: performing a variety of dance actions, using canon, unison, formation, dynamics, character, structure, space, emotion, matching, mirroring, transitions
  • Social: collaboration, consideration and awareness of others, inclusion, respect, leadership
  • Emotional: empathy, confidence
  • Thinking: creating, observing and providing feedback, using feedback to improve, selecting and applying skills


Willow, Sycamore & Rowan have been learning to dance in the style of Merce Cunningham's 'dance by chance'.



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Sycamore 2

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