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Hello everybody and well done for your work so far this week. Hope you are all safe and well. Below is a video of a song called Harry's bucket song. Can you learn the song and tap the pulse? Can you make your own song up?

I'd love to hear them!


Harry's Bucket Song

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We are learning to recognise equal amounts

Phonics H / h-h-h horse 



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Red Words

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Green Words

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Watch the story of 'Harry and the Dinosaurs' on Youtube. How do you think Harry felt when he lost his dinosaurs and how do you think he felt when he found them? Can you write two sentences to describe each. Please see the video below to help with this. 

Writing about Harry's Feelings

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Creative activities 

Drawing a feelings monster. We all have different feelings and we can all feel different things at different times. Today I would like you to paint, draw or colour your own feelings monster. What would he or she look like? How does he or she feel. I have chosen different colours for different feelings. 

Blue - sad

Red - angry 

Yellow - happy

orange - excited 

pink - funny

green - hungry


Can you draw me your feelings monster and send it too me telling me how you feel. 

Big hugs, Miss Daniels