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Autumn 2- The Firewor-Maker's Daughter

To begin our exciting new adventure, we read the first 6 pages of the book. We were introduce to two characters, a girl named Lila (who wanted to be a fire-work maker) and her father 'Lalchand'. Instantly, Lila was hit with a dilemma because she wants to be a fire-work maker however, her father wants her to take a husband. 


To explore her dilemma further, we took part in a conscience alley. Half of the class has to persuade Lila to take a husband and the other half persuaded her to pursue her dreams. Check it out below! Following this, we wrote an argument stating our claim on what Lila should do.

Still image for this video

We have now read to chapter 2! We have been introduced to few more characters. Lila's friend named 'Chulak' and his talking elephant named 'Hamlet'. After discussion with Lila, Chulak discovers she wants to be a firework maker. As a result, Chulak helps Lila out by going to speak to Lila's father and finding out the secret to being a 'real firework-maker' he promises he won't Lila but he does!


We worked together in partners to create a script of the conversation between Lalchand (Lila's father) and Chulak. After we rehearsed some groups even performed theirs in front of the whole class.


Finally, we wrote our conversation in our books with a focus of punctuating each sentence correctly with inverted commas. Our challenge was to improve our work by using synonyms for 'said'. 

This week we have looked at our first skill in Art which has been 'cross-hatching'. After looking at different styles and ways of doing cross-hatching we practised it in our sketchbooks. Following this, we read the description of the 'crackle dragon' firework that Lila takes with her and we designed our own 'crackle dragon' incorporating this skill we had just learnt. We are looking forward to learning our next skill in drawing.
Lila has now started her journey to Mount Merapi! She has arrived at a jungle full of exotic animals. To gain a better understanding of how hectic this scene could've been we played the roles of a range of animals and acted out the jungle scene on the playground. We then wrote a setting description with a focus on using expanded noun phrases.
Lalchand and Chulak are still on their quest to find Lila and give her protection from the Emerald lake. After freeing Hamlet from their new owner, they then went to witness the full moon ceremony. At the ceremony they met the Goddess from the lake. We looked at the picture of the Goddess in detail and applied our art skills to draw her! Our Art skills included, cross-hatching, circulism and contouring.
Lila has now reached the top of Mount Merapi and Razvani’s Grotto! Before writing a character description of Lila at the top of the mountain we hot seated her. This made it easier for us to visualise what she looked like and how she felt. Our focus in our character description was to use expanded noun phrases. 
This week we started our secret missions alongside year 1 to be a M.I.L.K AGENT. Our first task was to create a new logo to go on milk bottles around school. We thought of superpowers that milk can give you and designed our logo. 
This week we did a lesson on police education and the importance of them within our community. We looked at what a call center worker did and the skills they needed to perform their job. From this we created our own job specification and stated how we thought we had the skills to do the job aswell. 
M.I.L.K mission no.2! This week our task was to look at a problem in the world. We focused on littering and made a poster encouraging people never to litter and the harm it can cause.

After reading all about the firework competition and how Lila and Lalchand were successful we held a live press conference in the classroom and turned into news reports for the morning! Lila and Lalchand were the surprise guests and we got to ask them a range of questions following the result of the completion.

We are writing a recount of the firework competition this week. To start, we looked at the different features a recount has and wrote the introduction with a focus on using co-ordinating conjunctions. 
This week we had a sneak peek into our next adventure! We have teamed up with a school in New York and will be receiving a letter along with a picture of each pupil. Before writing our letter we created a virtual tour of the classroom using iPads. We talked about our daily routine, lessons and all the exciting things we get up to!
After producing a virtual tour of our classroom and what a normal day at Westwood looks like we looked at the different features of a letter. From this we wrote a letter to star academy with a SPAG focus on using paragraphs, commas in a list and presenting the letter correctly with an appropriate greeting, the address and the date.
This week in Science we have been grouping and classifying! We have looked at things that are dead, living and never been alive. After identifying the key differences we were able to work in groups and classify them correctly.
This week we had a special visit from two M.I.L.K agents from Leeds United. Following on from our lesson where we produced posters encouraging people not to litter and recycle instead, we took part in a an active litter picking game! Our challenge was to use our agility skills to get the past the ‘trashers’ and retrieve a piece of litter. The team with the most litter collected was the winner!