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Wednesday 24th February

Maths - 


Today is our final lesson on addition and subtraction sums. I think you are all very confident with it and know how to work out the answers easily! For todays lesson, the main focus of it is you reading the question and deciding if we are taking away or adding. Remember, a take away sign looks like this - and an addition sign looks like this +. When we take away our number gets smaller, when we add our total gets bigger.

Writing - 


Today we are going to be writing a recount. A recount is where you write about everything you have done that day, or week. We are going to write a recount on Red Crayons holiday going around Europe and talk about all of the amazing things he saw and did. 


Things Red Crayon did (feel free to think of your own things he did too!) - 

- Had an ice cream in Italy. 

- Swam in the sea in Spain 

- Made new friends with some felt tips in France 

- Learnt Greek dancing in Greece 


Today I would like us to focus on using and in our work. And is a connective and joins our sentences together. Please try and use and at least twice in your work. 

Spellings - 







Days of the Week Song | The Singing Walrus

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ICT - 


Please log on to purple mash (link is below) and have a go at the plant labelling activity. I want to see how much you know before we start our plant topic in Science!


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