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Thursday 5th November


Re-read the text, Survivors, from yesterday. Then, have a think about the connections you make to things in your life. Which books does it remind you of? Does it remind you of a film or TV show you've watched? Or maybe it makes you think of a certain song. 

Write and draw your ideas on the sheet below. 


Do you know what these words mean? Can you use each one in a sentence?







Yesterday we used apostrophes in contractions. Today, we looked at apostrophes for possession-to show that something belongs to somebody. The apostrophe must go on the name of the person or thing that the item belongs to. 

For example, the trainers that belong to Joe are Joe's trainers. The collar that belongs to the dog is the dog's collar.

If something belongs to more than one person or thing, the apostrophe goes after the s.

For example, the collars that belong to the two dogs are the dogs' collars. The dresses that belong to all the ballerinas are the ballerinas' dresses. 

Using this, complete the sheet below. 


This week, we have been looking at finding percentages of amounts. 

To find 50%, you divide the whole by 2.

To find 25%, you divide the whole by 4.

To find 10%, you divide the whole by 10.

To find 100%, you divide the whole by 100.

Using this, can you complete the questions below?



1)             50% of 400 = 

25% of 400 =

10% of 400 = 

 1% of 400 = 

2)          50% of 120 = 

    25% of 120 =

   10% of 120 =

     1% of 120 = 

3)           50% of 280 =

    25% of 280 = 

             10% of 280 = 

               1% of 280 = 

4)           50% of 900 = 

     25% of 900 = 

     10% of 900 = 

                1% of 900 =